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 Education for a Lifetime

Two Geibel GraduatesAny school can add to your knowledge. Geibel Catholic Junior-Senior High School is a small school that gives you something more: a set of values that help students respond to life's challenges with confidence and courage in any path they choose.

Geibel is committed to being a community of faith and learning and strives to create an environment that nurtures a sense of self-identity, a strong personal faith, a dedication to service, and the acceptance of responsible citizenship.

At Geibel, you belong to an energetic community of learners. Geibel offers a challenging academic program that serves all levels of ability. Since 1963, Geibel has been recognized as a special place, known for its close relationships, caring teachers, and family-like atmosphere. Our friendly environment nurtures a sense of pride in the school.

Students experience a holistic teaching model that emphasizes both course content and Gospel values.

Students are actively engaged in the learning process via dynamic lesson designs that deliberately limit the length of teacher lectures, and that rely on state-of-the-art technology to enhance the learning process.

Students experience a college-like design to their day, with five, 70-minute learning sessions, and classes that repeat every other day.

Students enjoy comfortable Classrooms of the Future where traditional desks have been replaced by leather armchairs and attractive small group tables in carpeted rooms.

Students can earn a full year of college credits before they graduate from high school by taking college courses right here at Geibel Catholic.

Students work from within a modern school curriculum that emphasizes the STEM skills necessary for life in the 21st century, yet develops the whole person by an emphasis on religious studies, the visual and performing arts, and the great books of world literature, in a gentle, caring, Catholic atmosphere.

There is a close collaboration between parents and teachers; long lasting "ties that bind" are evident in Geibel graduates. The Geibel family includes almost 5,000 alumni who carry the spirit of Geibel Catholic throughout the world.


​The following table is used for grading assessments:
​96% - 100%
​93% - 95%
​90% - 92%
​88% - 89%
​85% - 87%
​81% - 84%
​78% - 80%
​75% - 77%
​70% - 74%
​0% - 69%

The following table can be used to determine GPA.
Honors ​Weighted GPA
​AP Weighted GPA
0% - ​69%

 Late Work Policy

The following grading protocol will apply to missing assignments. Handbook policies apply for time permitted to complete work missed due to illness. Students who miss multiple days of school due to illness or injury are permitted to have at least the same number of days to make up all work missed.” Student Parent Handbook, page 26. Extenuating circumstances may warrant review by teacher and administration.

The student receives an Incomplete and a zero in Power School for the missing assignment. Student will receive credit earned on the assignment when it is completed. Until the assignment is completed, the student will not be eligible for Honor Roll and will not receive credit for the course. Assignments submitted after the due date will receive as credit 92% of the earned grade. This is one grade below what would have been received had the assignment been submitted on or prior to the due date.

 Retesting Policy

To qualify for retesting a student must meet the following requirements:

All students are eligible to apply for a retest.

Provide to the instructor, prior to the next class meeting after receiving results, a detailed examination of the initial assessment with explanation of errors.

Receive an entrance ticket from instructor to retake the assessment.

If a student qualifies for retesting the following protocols are in place:

In order not to disrupt either student or teacher instructional minutes, retesting will be available on Saturday mornings from 8 AM to 11 AM on an as needed basis.  Individual cases of extenuating circumstances may be considered by faculty and administration.

Students MUST have an entrance ticket from instructor to gain entrance.

Retests MUST be completed within two weekends of receiving the entrance ticket.  If the retest is not completed within the two weekend timeframe the original grade will be entered for the assessment.  A student who twice does not meet the timeframe requirements will no longer be eligible for retesting for the remainder of the semester.

Retest grades will be valued at 92% and will replace the grade earned on the original assessment even if it is the lower of the two.