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Religion Curriculum


Graduation Requirements - 4 credits

6010    Religious Studies I                  9                                                          (One Credit)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture


The purpose of this first semester course is to give students a general knowledge of the sacred Scriptures. Through their study of the Bible they will come to encounter the living word of God, Jesus Christ.  In the course, they will learn about the Bible, authored by God through inspiration, and its value to people throughout the world. They will become familiar with the major sections of the Bible and the books included in each section. The students will pay particular attention to the Gospels where they may grow to know and love Jesus Christ more personally.


Who is Jesus Christ?


The purpose of this second semester course is to introduce students to the mystery of Jesus Christ, the living word of God, the second person of the blessed Trinity. In this course, students will understand that Jesus Christ is the ultimate revelation to us from God. In learning about who he is the students will also learn who he calls them to be.


6030    Religious Studies II                10                                                        (One Credit)

Christian Scriptures (Required for all sophomores)


Hebrew Scriptures provide an introduction to salvation history through selected books and texts of the Hebrew Scriptures.  The complexity and richness of scriptural development and methods of Catholic biblical interpretation are also addressed.


Christian testament focuses on the person and mission of the historical Jesus and the living Christ of faith.  Major themes are considered through the structure and development of the Christian Scriptures, the Gospels and other biblical texts.


6040    Religious Studies III               11                                                        (One Credit)

Catholic Morality (Required for all juniors)


Catholic Morality focuses on the principles, values and practices of Catholic morality.  It is designed to examine the formation of conscience, moral, decision-making processes and the effects of personal and social sin.  Emphasis is placed on Catholic social teaching in regards to the formation of conscience and the application of these principles to human rights and reality based situations.


6050    Religious Studies IV               12                                                        (One Credit)

Christian Lifestyles (Required for all seniors)


Christian Lifestyles examines the vocations of the single life, vowed religious life, marriage and priesthood.  The changing roles of men and women in society, the dynamics of family life and the nature of Christian love and commitment are addressed together with skills necessary for developing healthy, loving, mature relationships in the areas of vocations, marriage, single and consecrated life.


Religious Studies IV/Electives           12        (½ Credit each elective must take both classes)


6015    Faith and Justice  (Weighted course)

Faith and Justice examines Catholic social teaching through the scriptures, relevant church documents and practical applications to contemporary social issues.


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